Please read over all of the rules before joining.

  • You must be fan of the manga series, Milk Crown.
  • You must provide a NAME on the form. Only a first name is required, preferably your real first name. Nicknames and online aliases are acceptable, but please refrain from using names with numbers, special characters, sticky caps and/or symbols. For example, stay away from names like i_love_jin or AnGeLz987. Your name will be modified if I deem it inappropriate.
  • You must indicate your COUNTRY of residence.
  • You have the option of providing an email address. If you do, it must be a valid working email address that belongs to you.
  • You do not need a website to join, but if you wish to submit a website, make sure the website belongs to you. If you want your site listed, you must link back to the fanlisting with either a text link or image link. If I do not see a link back, your site will not be listed.
  • If you choose to link back with an image code, save the image to your computer and then upload to your server. Please have the link up before you join, as I will check your website prior to approving your application. If you believe I will have a hard finding the code, specify the exact location in the comments field.
  • On the rare occasion I find your site offensive and inappropriate (ie. hate, pornography, racism, etc.), your site will not be listed.
  • You must fill in all mandatory information when joining. If any one of these fields are left blank, your application will be disregarded.